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Flower Garden is like the discovery of your once-favorite plaything; that which you have been either purposefully stowing away with other faded manila memories, or that which you have incedentally left in the grass. Flower Garden is the music of Stephen Michael Haas and an extension of his life as much as it is, or can become, an emergence of former feelings or otherwise irrepressible emotions within yourself. These are the things that cause us to dance, to lift friends into the air, to act on the uprooting impulse of sudden smiles, to move preconceptions and constraints within ourselves, to act in the name of joy. Just as Flower Garden bridges the gap between composer and listener, every musician is also bound to each other as they are bound in the relationship between themselves and their instrument, an exponential, primal intimacy that in itself creates a musical ecosystem. Changes within the band have come and gone, the sound - built on the exchange of polyrhythms and dissolving harmony -- slanting and blending. The devotion to melody and storytelling is invaluable. The presence of celebration at every listen is inevitable.

-Colin Powers

12.20.2013 @ Maennerchor, Hburg PA 1.25.2014 @ Kutztown, PA 3.8.2014 @ ABC Winterfest, Hburg, PA