Hey all, it has been a little bit. I am writing to let you know that we have come to the conclusion of our six week show line-up, ending last weekend with the sycamore house show. We are lining up some more shows so stay tuned on that.

We played in bard college a few weeks back and they decided to start playing us up there.. check out their sweet radio station.... HERE


Thanks for all of the support! The release show was a massive success! Now many people have our wonderful CD's, and we hope to start sending them all around the interwebs.


I am happy to inform you all that we finally started setting up to record this past weekend. We put our tuned up kit in the middle of a dead room, mic'd the crap out of it and started doing all the things one must do to track. This coming Saturday will be the day for drums! Expect some pictures of our lovely recording space in the coming weeks. In other news, we will be doing a release show for a three song sampler on October 25th at Second City Church on Verbeke St in Hburg. It's just a little taste of our music, from our unfinished 2012 recordings. On top of the release show, we will be opening for Cuddle Magic at ABC on November 2nd.


Hello all. We have a lot in store for the next few months. We will be releasing a two digital tracks to document our past band recordings and to give an idea of what is to come. On top of that we are preparing to record our full-length LP. Unfortunately, that means that as of July 13th we will be taking a break from live performance in order to focus on studio work. But don't worry, there's still one more upcoming show to catch. On the 12th of July we will be headlining a great bill at HMAC. So stay tuned here for information in the coming weeks and months.


Welcome to the official Flower Garden Web Site. We'll kick this news column off with a promise of what's to come. Expect photos, news, interactive media, and more from our Garden to you.